Janet's Story

(This is Janet while undergoing treatment at the rescue center—her skin looked much improved.)
Janet was rescued at just 2 months old. She was found suffering from serious skin disease. Not only had she lost much of the fur on her back, her whole body was covered with ticks and fleas. Janet stayed at the rescue center where she was given medicine regularly and washed with medicated shampoo. Every day, time was devoted to playing with Janet so that she would become an outgoing and friendly dog.

At first, Janet was very timid. She would curl up in a corner whenever she saw us and watch us with big innocent eyes.

(This is Janet at an adoption event.)
Over time, Janet has blossomed into happy-go-lucky young dog, and her skin is almost 100% recovered. In an effort to find Janet a forever family while she is still young, we held an adoption event for her.

Janet is now more than one year old. She is still at the rescue center waiting for that special family who will take her home and cherish her. We know that one day soon Janet will find her forever family and leave the rescue center to start her new life.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support of Animals Taiwan.

Please call 02-2833-8820 to visit, adopt, or sponsor the wonderful furries at the rescue center or to volunteer your time to help them.