Diary of the AT Center

For a long time, Simba has only been able to imagine the joy of sleeping in a hammock. There is only one hammock in the cat room, and Jackson always sleeps there.

Now that Jackson has been adopted, Simba can enjoy the hammock to his heart’s content.

Steinly and Wendel are good buddies. Not only are they similar in color, they even act like brothers.

Charcoal went for a walk in the park today, where she enjoyed the sunshine.

Dumbo is just like the cartoon character Dayan. She just found her forever home few days ago.

Elvis' foster mom is out of the country, so Elvis is back at the rescue center. He and Otis can often be found relaxing next to each other.

Here are two shots of Foxy sunbathing.

If you stay in the cat room long enough, Mistletoe will overcome her shyness to come down to greet you. Normally, she likes to laze around like this.

Norton turns 5 years old this year. He has grown into a calm and obedient little guy.

Pudding still loves to talk before he eats.

Sophie is a real beauty, but she is not yet friendly to strangers.

Sucie has moved into Nanook's room. She likes her new room and her new roommates.

Stevie is much more affectionate and energetic. But he has started to be shy and afraid when he crosses the road to get to the park. Please come to the center to walk Stevie. The more he goes on walks, the less afraid he’ll be.

Wendel is still his affectionate self. Plus, now he has a good buddy, Steinly.