Rescue Report-Zuck-who got caught by the animal clamp

Early this morning, Joey, got a call saying that there's a cat on a roof, whose left eye is injuried, got caught by the animal clamp.

When Joey arrived to the place, he climbed up to the roof and with skillful experiences, rescued this poor cat and sent him to the vet immediately.

Not only is this poor fellow's leg injuried badly, his left eye is blind.
Zuck is now staying at the vet for further observation and we will keep everyone updated.

If you would like to help Zuck in anyway, (provide him a place to recover or make donations for his medical expenses or adopt him) please contact us at

02-2833-8820 or inquiries@animalstaiwan.org

Your support and generosity will certainly help us resuce and care for animals like Zuck. Thank you for your generosity!