Please pray for the puppy from LuiFang

This sweet, cute puppy , DaBau", was rescued from the Ruifang area. He was rescued with a group of his siblings. They and their common mother all suffered skin problems.

His mom worked hard trying to protect her puppies, but despite those efforts, three of the little dogs remained in very bad condition. One died not long after he was sent to an animal hospital, and another died after two days. The only one alive after two months couldn't even open its eyes or eat any food at first. He is doing better now.
We have to wait until he gets better to see if there are other symptons. We are not sure whether his eyes were injured permanently.
Animals Taiwan is trying very hard to save this puppy, and we need everyone's support. Please pray with us.

Every penny of your donation will give us great support and confidence.
Your generosity is greatly appreciated!