The happy tale of Sporty

Dear Friends and staff of AT,

Sporty has arrived safely in Canada
Thank to everyone's help at AT, Sporty and I have been in Canada for a few days already.

Both of us are gradually getting use to the life here.

On the 15-hour flight, we are amazed that Sporty didn't pee or poo in his cage!
He didn't even bark or cry on the way from the airport to our home. (Even my mom said he was a very good fellow.)
But he threw up after his first meal.

Aaron and I now take him out for walks twice a day.
Sporty seems very curious about everthing around him and is always smelling stuff and looking every which way.

But she is still shy when it comes to meeting people she doesn't know, especially children.

We wish that the animals in AT can find their loving homes soon and all the best to the staff at AT. Take care.

Yi Ying