Danica needs a long-term foster home

Danica is eating well and full of energy despite having Babesia.

Her Babesia is being treated with Double A. The vet said that Danica was the first mixed breed dog he ever had to treat twice for Babesia. He said that the reason may be that Danica was in very poor health as a puppy. Babesia is usually just seen in purebred dogs.

Since Danica's Babesia has reoccurred, she will need to be treated until the beginning of December, about six weeks.

The vet recommended against giving Danica her 8-in-1 shot until she has recovered. She has not had any shots yet because she is constantly ill. She also has yet to be spayed.

The vet has treated Danica to help boost her immune system. Danica is expected to go into heat soon.

At Danica's foster home, Ms. Chen has another dog that is not neutered due to an allergy. So, Danica cannot stay in the house at times.

We will need another long-term foster family for Danica. Please contact me if you can help Danica in any way, either by fostering her, supporting her in some way, or sponsoring her. It will make all the difference to Danica's future.

Please contact
rita@animalstaiwan.org 02-2833-8820