45-day-old puppy Chibi needs new family

I'm Yuko, a Japanese student in NCTU. I have a 45-day-old puppy at my place. He was dying from malnutrition, cuz mommy dog is a stray and she has only 10 nipples, but he was born with 10 more brothers and sisters. He is much smaller than other puppies at his birth, so he always couldn't get enough milk. I'd like to find a new family for him. If you know someone who is planning to have a dog, pls ask him/her to meet him. He's already had basic treatments at the animal hospital, so very healty and clean now. Also I'll take care of his neuter surgery in two months. He loves people and playing with anyone, and CUTE! I'll always be his private chauffeur.

Name: Chibi (means "tiny(小小)" in Japanese)

DOB: 05 Sep '10

Size: 2kg now, but will be a medium sized dog around at 15kg

Color: Black

Sex: Male

You can see Chibi in my blog @ http://puppy-chibi.blogspot.com/