A brave warrior , Caramel

Caramel finished her bladder surgery in July. This is her 6th surgery since the car accident.

Although Caramel tends to leak when she urines, there is no blood in her urine. Caramel is a super duper brave puppy that is very energetic even after her surgeries. She likes to play other doggy patients that come to see the vet.

Ever since Caramel was rescued, she has problems with her bladder and anus. If we weren’t informed about Caramel in the first place, we do not know what her life would be like…..she will probably be in heaven now. We thank all the supporters out there. If we didn’t have your support and generous donations, we wouldn’t be able to rescue and treat such adorable dogs like Caramel, nor could we be able to continue this rescue centre to care Caramel. Moreover, we would not be able to find a foster home like Ms. Lin to take care of Caramel and provide her a better loving environment.

This organization needs your continued support to provide a more caring and loving place for animals like Caramel.

If you would like to give your love to Caramel , you can try our sponsorship program.

If you would like to find out more information about our sponsorship program, please contact us at

02-2833-8820 or email to sponsor@animalstaiwan.org.

Once again, we thank you for you kind generosity