Please give Birch a home!

My name is Birch. I come from a family of seven. 2 of my sisters and 1 of my brothers were adopted into loving homes and 1 of my brothers went missing. That left 3 of us, me, Lily and Oak. A kind lady took care of us. We grew up in a tomb site. We had warm blankets, shelter and food to eat. We were regularly de-flea and kept healthy. As we got older we started to stray from the tomb. Our carer was worried about us, but we always came running at feeding time and stayed close to our mother. Then just before Chinese New Year we went missing. Our carer found two dead bodies and thought one of them was me. They were too deteriorated to see clearly. She was so upset but never gave up looking for my brother and sister. However, I wasn’t dead. I’d been caught in one of those nasty Jin traps and I was scared of all the fire works.
Today February 28th I appeared. My carer was taking her dogs for a walk and saw me. As soon as she called my name I came running. I’m missing half of my front leg now and I’m very hungry and dehydrated. My carer has taken me to her home and that is where I’ll stay until I find a permanent home.
I’ve had quite an exciting life up to now and I’m only 6 month old. I will have an operation on my leg on Tuesday and will be nursed back to health by my foster mom. Then I’ll be ready for adoption.

I’ve been neutered and I’m fully vaccinated. If you think you can give a home to a loveable, friendly, quiet, three legged dog, please contact liza@animalstaiwan.org or call Liza on 0932344687 or Rita at 02-2833-8820

Age: 6 months
Breed: mixed
Sex: Male
Size: Medium
De-sexed: Yes
Vaccinations: Yes