五月日誌May Diaries


  1. Toby耳朵上的傷口變嚴重了,流出好多膿血。下午Moses和虹君帶牠去醫院,醫生幫牠擠膿、塗了一些殺菌的藥膏並開了抗生素。希望牠的耳朵快點好起來L
  2. 下午Paolo又因為被Nanook罵、害怕得逃家不肯回去,於是虹君就幫牠換了新房間,跟Xiao Lu牠們住在一起。

  1. The wound on Toby's ear got worse, and the wound is festering. In the afternoon Moses and 虹君 brought him to the hospital. The vet squeezed out the pus, applied some disinfectants, and prescribed antibiotics. Hope his ears recover soon。
  2. In the afternoon Paolo was scolded by Nanook again, he was so afraid that he ran away from home, so 虹君 brought him to a new room. Paolo is now living with Xiao Lu.


  1. Paolo換房間到目前為止都還蠻OK的,只是白天很愛跟隔壁的Ricky吵架:S
  2. 狗狗們最近很躁動,每天每間都有吵架或打架事件發生,讓虹君有點頭痛
  3. Caramel換室友之後連續兩天早上都髒兮兮的出現,好像在尿尿裡面打滾噢:S

  1. Paolo's move to the new room looks okay so far, just that he likes to fight with his neighbor Ricky in daytime. :S
  2. The dogs are fidgeting recently, fighting and barking happens every day in every room, 虹君 is really bothered.
  3. After Caramel changed a roommate, he shows up filthily in the morning two days a row. As if he had been tumbling in urine. :S


  1. Toby耳朵上的傷口已經不再流膿了,只是發炎還沒有消腫可憐的TobyL
  2. 昨天晚上NanookMarble打了一架,Marble的耳朵和頭上有一點擦傷,兇猛的Nanook倒是沒受什麼傷
  3. 下午Brandy帶眼睛受傷的CNR貓咪去醫院,結果醫生打開貓籠的時候不小心讓牠逃出來,牠驚嚇得到處亂跑、打翻了好多東西大鬧一場回來之後整隻貓累到不能動:S
  4. 原本享有特權住在office裡的Niou Niou因為亂咬電線,被Rita下令晚上不准再留在office:P

  1. Toby's wound on the ear stopped festering but the inflammation and the swelling hasn't reduced...poor Toby.
  2. Last night Nanook and Marble had a fight; Marble's got a scrape on his ear and his head. Ferocious Nanook wasn't hurt at all though.
  3. This afternoon Brandy brought a CNR cat with a wounded eye to the hospital. The cat escaped when the vet opened the cage, he was so frightened that he ran all over the place and knocked over many things...he got so tired that when he came back he could barely move. :S
  4. Originally the cat Niou Niou that had the privilege to stay in the office was ordered not to stay in the night after he nibbled at the wires. :P


  1. 我們每天都在替Toby嘗試新的包紮方法,因為牠總是一下子就把繃帶甩掉…Brandy也幫牠拍了一些好笑的照片:P
  2. Whitey每次回房間都會耍賴、要虹君跟牠give me five之後才肯進去。

  1. We're trying new dressings for Toby's wound every day, because he always gets rid of the bandage immediately...Brandy took some funny pictures of him. :P
  2. Whitey always acts up when going back to his room. He wouldn't enter before 虹君 "give me five" with him.


  1. Quarantine新來兩隻狗狗長得跟大黃很像、因為疝氣被救援的女生May,以及從基隆來的被捕獸夾夾傷前腳的男生Nico
  2. ZenaMaria今天終於結束隔離期,可以出來跟大家見面囉!
  3. 夏天到了動物們都開始換毛,今天虹君去打掃貓舍,被貓咪Sheila磨蹭、黏了一身毛。志工們來到AT別忘了替大家梳梳毛噢!
  4. 下午的時候志工GordonCaramel洗了澡!

  1. The two new friends from Quarantine look like Da Huang - the female May who were rescued because of her hernia and the male Nico from Keelung whose foreleg was hurt by animal trap
  2. Zena and Maria were done from the quarantine today. They finally can come out and meet everyone!
  3. Animals start to shed when summer arrives. Today when Hung-chun went to clean the cat house, she was covered with cat fur when Sheila played around her. Volunteers, when you come to AT, don't forget to groom the animals!
  4. Volunteer Gordon washed Caramel in the afternoon.


  1. Hei-Hei今天異常高興,有人陪他玩牠就好開心的表現在臉上。
  2. Toby3號房時,牠的醫護頭套被牠甩掉了,頭上已經沒有繃帶可以甩所以就甩頭套嗎?!
  3. 疝氣May一直尿尿,在整理房間的時候就連續尿了兩次。
  4. 大家的體型越來越標準,瘦瘦狗都慢慢恢復正常體形了。

  1. Hei-Hei was super high today because he had a playmate today and his enjoyment was written all over his face
  2. When Toby returned to Room no. 3, he shoke off his head protective gear. Hey Toby, you think there's no bandage to be shaken off so you are after the protective gear now?
  3. May who suffers from hernia pees a lot; while the room was been cleaned, she had peed twice in a roll
  4. Everyone's figure is getting normal. Even the skinny doggies are getting back in shape!!


  1. Paolo換到新房間不知道是好還不好,每天跟Ricky隔著籠子叫囂,大家也跟著起鬨一起叫呢。
  2. Steive回來AT嚕,看起來長了一些肉,牠的中途家庭對他應該很好吧。
  3. 今天天氣算涼爽,大家要消消火捏,不要沒事就找狗狗吵架,大家都要當個好孩子喔^^

  1. Don't know if it's a good thing for Paolo to change to a new room. Everyday he is barking to Ricky over the cage. Every dog joins him barking hard!
  2. Stevie is back to AT! Looks like he has gained weight. His foster family probably treated him very well.
  3. It's rather cool today. Please chill out everyone. Don't fight each other. Be a good boy/girl~


  1. AliceAnnieCaramelJulianXiao HuangHobbit洗了澡喔!
  2. 今天OreoSponsor來看牠、帶牠出去散步,牠開心到捨不得回家呢!
  3. 上午虹君在餵Stevie的時候把手伸到牠的碗裡想要拿肉給牠,結果竟然被牠警告了!

  1. Alice and Annie helped wash Caramel, Julian, Xiao Huang and Hobbi~
  2. Today Oreo's sponsor came to visit him and took him for a walk. Oreo was too excited to come back~
  3. When Hung-chun fed Stevie in the morning, she tried to pick up the meat from the bowl to him but he barked at her!


  1. 今天天氣很好,有太陽又有涼爽的風,大家都好開心J
  2. Toby的耳朵已經完全消腫了,傷口範圍也越來越小;希望牠們以後學乖一點,不要再打架了!

  1. Everyone was in high spirits from the sunny and breezy weather today :)
  2. The swelling on Toby's ear has gone away, and his injury has been steadily improving. Hopefully he will be better behaved in the future and not pick fights with others!


  1. 今天一早Lilian就來帶JudyMolly去參加學校的教學活動,人見人愛的Judy真是教育小組的好搭檔呢!
  2. Beau的新主人和AT簽了領養合約!!!以後就有愛牠的家人了,Beau真是幸福:D
  3. 下午Snowball亂咬醫藥櫃裡的東西玩,被虹君罵了一頓:P
  4. QuarantineNico現在變得很親人也愛撒嬌,只是換藥的時候怕痛,不開心L
  5. Liberty今天從隔離房出來囉!可是牠太害羞了有點緊張,連看到Snowball都嚇得縮在角落看來要先讓牠適應幾天才能找新室友了!

  1. Early this morning Lilian took Judy and Moly to a school information session. Judy was as endearing as always, making her a big help for our education team!
  2. Beau's new owner signed an adoption contract with Animals Taiwan. She is very lucky to be joining a loving family!
  3. Snowball found her way into the medicine cabinet and caused some chaos; this earned her a stern scolding . 04. Nico, who has been quarantine, has become very loving and often plays cute, until she has to go through the painful process of changing her bandage.
  4. Liberty is now able to leave quarantineHowever, she was scared even by the sight of Snowball -- it looks likes she will have to get used to things before she joins a new roommate


  1. 下午帶回來一隻新的CNR貓咪,牠的下顎骨折、身體很虛弱嚴重脫水,希望牠能快點恢復健康!
  2. Fela去新家Tryout囉!可是那間貓舍就只剩下Sheila孤單一隻貓了L

  1. In the afternoon we received a new Capture-Neuter-Release cat. She had a fracture in her lower jaw, was dehydrated, and was generally in poor health. We hope that she will recover quickly!
  2. Fela left to try out a new home! Her old roommate, Sheila, unfortunately lives alone now.


  1. 今天好多志工來帶狗狗散步,幾乎每隻狗狗都出去玩過了,好開心!
  2. 貓咪Sheila好黏人,每次虹君幫牠打掃完房間、牠都會跳到架子上用手拉住虹君的圍裙不讓她走

  1. A large number of volunteers came by today to take the dogs out for the walk; pretty much everyone got to go outside
  2. Sheila loves to be around people; every time we clean her room, she will jump up to a place where she can grab a hold of our aprons to keep us from leaving.


  1. 今天BostonXiao LuSponsorQueenie未來的新主人David都來探望牠們的狗狗囉!
  2. QuarantineMay不喜歡隔壁的貓咪,今天牠嫌貓咪喵喵叫太吵,結果開始學貓叫!聲音超像的,虹君還以為是新來的貓咪在叫:P
  3. 之前因為感冒而留下來CNR貓咪病好了,今天晚上要放回去囉!可是牠的室友好捨不得牠,一直喵喵叫地跟牠對話
  4. Precious下午回AT探親!牠的DaddyMummy有意想要再認養一隻狗狗陪牠,於是我們就介紹了Oreo讓他們帶出去散步,可是Oreo好像不太喜歡走路,和Precious也沒有什麼互動:S 沒關係,下次再換狗試試看!

  1. Boston and Xiao Lu's sponsor, as well as Queenie's future owner, all came by to visit today!
  2. May, who has been in quarantine, doesn't seem to like the meow sounds from her cat neighbors. It's gotten to the point where she will imitate them, and she does it so well that we thought we had a new cat!
  3. A Capture-Neuter-Release cat will be ready for release tonight, but unfortunately her roommate did not want her to leave, as evidenced by their extensive conversation.
  4. Precious came back to visit in the afternoon with her new family, who are considering adopting another dog to keep Precious company. They took Oreo out for a walk, but unfortunately they didn't seem to interact much; they will try again in the future!


  1. 今天Mayumi帶朋友來參觀AT,最後愛上Joe打算明天帶牠回家試養呢
  2. 可憐的Caramel被她的室友咬傷屁股,聽醫生姊姊說跟她之前手術的地方同位置,不過還好沒有撕裂傷只是一個洞。

  1. Mayumi brought her friend to visit Animals Taiwan; in the end, they decided to take Joe home tomorrow for consideration for adoption!
  2. Caramel was unfortunately bitten by her roommate in the behind, which happens to be the location of her previous injury. Luckily, there was no serious damage.


  1. 今天大家都點了蚤不到滴劑,還吃了心絲蟲藥喔!
  2. Shoey很精明,知道虹君要餵牠吃藥就拼命掙扎、不肯張開嘴巴,最後是把藥粉灑在食物裡牠才吃進去。
  3. Vienna今天心情不好,連志工帶牠出去散步都很害怕不願意走L
  4. Caramel換回到之前的房間,和Sister牠們住在一起,希望大家相親相愛不要再吵架。
  5. 愛撒嬌的貓咪Joe被帶回去Tryout了喔!

  1. Today, everyone received flea repellent and deworming medicine.
  2. Shoey was being tricky today and would not eat her medicineIn the end, we sprinkled the medicine into her food and fed it to her that way.
  3. Vienna was in a bad mood today and was even scared of going out for a walk with a volunteer.L
  4. Caramel has moved back into her room with Sister; hopefully they will get along!
  5. Joe, who loves to act cute, has been selected for consideration for adoption